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Do you need some Nurti-FAQS?

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions at Our Nutrishop Stores.

1) Are you like the other vitamin stores?

No we are not, this is because we will go over the products in full detail. We also developlong term  one on one relationships , which help our clients achieve their desired goals.  We even go further, we write out meal plans and give out preworkout instructions for the customer for the products which they purchase.

2) I never heard of these products?

These products are exclusive to NUTRISHOP , therefore can only can be purchased at NUTRISHOP.  NUTRISHOP puts their money in the product which means your getting a quality product with results. We wouldn’t waste money and neither should you.

3) Can I purchase the products on line?

No you need to call the store and will ship you the products. To order products you can call 813-991-9999.

4) Do these products really work?

Yes, as long as you follow either the meal plan or the instructions we wrote out and take the products you will achieve your goals. NUTRISHOP has helped out many people obtain the results. See our Testimonial page.

5) How do your prices compare to other vitamin stores?

They are less expensive when comparing per scoop  or per serving size; in addition you are getting more high quality ingredients more and no filler ingredients.

6) Do you offer discounts?

Yes we offer military, police and fire discounts. Also, if you are looking for discounts we have some on our Google Places pages, we just ask for a honest review in return.

7) Do you have a rewards program?

Yes we have a free rewards program either by text or by email. Every 2 weeks a special will be sent out directly to you!

8) Are these products safe?

Yes they are safe,  there is no creatine monohydrate and creatine elthy-ester  in our prework out products. We have buffer kre-alkyn which is 10x stronger and safer. No harming the kidneys and retaining  water.

9) Do you carry multivitamins.

Yes in powder form. You do not want to take a compressed pill because your body can not process it efficently. With a powder your able to absorb a significantly more ammount of the vitamins and nutrients. With the powder form you are able to get more benefit and a great tasting snack.

10.) Do you have a store in Brandon, Florida too?

Yes, it is a very popular store and has been around the longest in the Tampa area.

11) Do you have any thing to suppress my appetite and increase my metabolism?

Yes we have it in Pill or powder form which is the all in one weight loss system the Contour elite stack that has the HYPERCOR. In powder form in the Transformation kit dealing with the THERMOVEX. We also have a great list of weight loss stacks  to optimize weight loss in the fastest timeframe. One of our newest best selling stacks for weight loss is the Thermovex weight loss stack.

12) I am just getting back to the gym which should I be taking?

At the minimum  you should be taking a BCAA, a natural multi-vitaminprotein and glutamine for the post workout for starters.

Will also ask what are their goals are and how we can help. Then will either go over weight loss or the preworkout stacks on what the customer is looking to change.

We can set up a supplementation and workout guide today, call 813-991-9999 to schedule a meeting!


13.) How do your pre-workout products compare to standard pre-workout supplements like C4?

We get this question a lot. Well the answer is unique to each person, different pre-workout drinks do different things for different goals. Almost every time we follow up with a pre-workout product unique to the customers goals, they come back saying that our product was a much better match for their needs. We don’t do a one size fits all approach. Come by with a list of the products you are currently taking, and your fitness goals and we will show you Nutrishop’s take on supplementation.








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