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Xp2 products

Xp2 products

XP2 products

XP2 is a company that develops revolutionary products for Nutrishop. XP-2 is well renown around the workout industry as a leader in innovation and Development. The XP-2 website states the following ” XCELERATED PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS™ was founded on product quality, integrity and performance. We make products utilizing proven, groundbreaking ingredients that deliver and exceed consumer expectations, where others have over-promised, under delivered and failed miserably. As we continue to introduce new ground breaking product formulations that exceed “the norm”, we will continue to set a new standard for performance based sports nutrition products and supplement design.”

At Nutrishop we choose companies like XP-2 because they are unique, genuine, natural and of extremely high performance. XP-2 has produced top notch products such as:

Metabolic Spike




and many more products for the extreme bodybuilder, high performance athlete and even those looking to improve their general fitness. Nutrishop is proud to recommend and exclusively sell the XP-2 product line. For more information on XP-2 Products call 813-991-9999 today for prices and ordering information.

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