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WRKETHIC Supplements

WRKETHIC Cassandra Martin

Introducing WRKETHIC Supplements!

Coming soon to Nurtishop Tampa is Nutrishop’s 13th Exclusive product line

This will be a simultaneous two product launch. These first two products will be a powerful pre-workout formula and a comprehensive intra-workout formula.

Paving the way for these new products is our growing team of WRKETHIC athletes and none other than one of the biggest female names in fitness on social media, @casssmartin!!

If you somehow haven’t seen her yet, click the links. She’s on Instagram and YouTube. Female body builder, Cassandra Martin, is the real life Super Woman breaking all the stereotypes.

Cass is dedicated to fitness, training, and her career. She may be a Wonder woman but it’s No wonder that she has a relentless work ethic. Hence the brand name, inspired by this lovely lady who can build muscle like a beast. We at Nutrishop are excited for her to represent this product line. Cass has been involved in the branding, design, product development and testing of the products from the beginning. That was 11 months ago, and now we are gearing up to share these products with you.

Get ready for some incredible products!


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