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Vitamins and aging — its a necessity!

Vitamins and aging Well, as we age we lose things. We lose hair (or gain it in places we don’t want!), lose hearing, eyesight , height and muscle mass. The list can go on and on. We also start to lose the ability to get the proper nutrients for our age. When we age so […]

Foods that may actually help you in weight loss

So we have heard of super foods, foods high in antioxidants and plenty more; we will be discussing foods that may actually assist in your mission to lose weight and make a more healthier you (No hip or fancy name) . Steak– when we think of Steak we picture a 6 lb steak in a […]

The ultimate debate Machine weights, worth the time?

Everyone has heard the same dribble about free weights vs machines. The same garbage with pretty much the same answer. Free weights are better, yet the variety can be good on occasion for the muscles. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Lets kick this debate into gear. Are machines even worth the time and effort or should you […]

XP 2

XP2 products XP2 is a company that develops revolutionary products for Nutrishop. XP-2 is well renkown around the workout industry as a leader in innovation and Development. The XP-2 website states the following ” XCELERATED PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS™ was founded on product quality, integrity and performance. We make products utilizing proven, groundbreaking ingredients that deliver and exceed […]

Nutrishop Summer 2013 Catalog.

Feel Free to read the newest Nutrishop Magazine article. Click the link or image below to be taken to a PDF catalog. NUTRISHOP_Summer13_2pg

Nutrishop Birthday Gift Program

Sign up with Nutrishop to get incredible birthday deals. Nutrishop wants to wish you a happy birthday! At Nutrishop, we feel like we are part of your family. Sign up by clicking the Newsletter box in the upper right hand corner of the screen and filling out the quick registration form. Include the correct information […]

Forza Pro Peanut Butter Banana Flavor!

Forza Pro has just made a new flavor of protein, Peanut Butter Banana. This rich and flavorful flavor is now available at Nutrishop Tampa. This Flavor comes with all the same good stuff found in other flavors such as : ♦ GLUTEN FREE† ♦ 8 Premium Protein Sources† ♦ 30 grams of Protein per Serving† […]

Nutrishop Weight Loss Challenge

Join Nutrishop Tampa in its first ever challenge to Tampa , Florida Residents. Sign up May 14 – May 26. The Contest will go until July 16- 28. Nutrishop Tampa wants to see its residents lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you lose 20 lbs in two months, Nutrishop will give out a […]

Muscle Optimizer Stack 3

Muscle Optimizer Stack 3 includes: Arabol, HIGH-191, and Testanon 2250  

Muscle Optimizer Stack 5

Muscle Optimizer Stack  5  includes: Arabol, HIGH-191, Testanon 2250, and Anitest  

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