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Nject by Cellshock is at Nutrishop Tampa

Nject is here to stay! Nutrishop is always unleashing new products onto the supplement scene. These products we unload are not garbage filler products intended to confuse and blind the masses. Our products have a proven track record of success. Some products of a proven track record are Nrage and Nfuze. Both of these products […]


PH LABS presents PHOSPHATOR! Phosphator has been designed to assist you in building muscle, and gain mass. This is when used in conjunction with weight bearing exercises. PHLABS spent money and time to develop this product. This supplement can be used by the hardcore workout fanatic and the novice alike. In order to achieve the best results from […]

Nutrishop Tampa Presents XP-2 LTD

  LTD by XP-2 is an advanced Men’s muscle building formula. LTD is the latest product to be released by XP-2 to the nutrition market. This product is a revolutionary take on performance Nutrition.  This supplement is designed to specifically help increase testosterone in men. LTD is a supplement designed to boost Testosterone. Nutrishop is the only place […]

1XPM Anabolic Supplement

This new  Nighttime supplement is specifically designed to help muscle growth in your sleep. Muscle is broken down during workouts and healed during sleep. Many Bodybuilders are supplementing slow acting proteins in their diets for when they sleep. That is a key reason why bodybuilders are purchasing ForzaOne Protein. With that being said, Anabolic supplementation […]


.  Call and order Betabol today! Read what is in this supplement.   Stack Betabol with These supplements: Proteins : Pro7ein , Forza Pro, Pro 5 and Creatine/ Pre-workout supplements – Hemovex, N’Sane , Vasocor, N’Fuze or Kre-Alkalyn Take one serving twice a day with protein shakes and or complete meals. Call Nutrishop Tampa Today at […]

Augment | Nutrishop

Augment your life with AUGMENT! This is a Nutrishop Exclusive product and can not be purchased elsewhere. Augment is here and its here to stay. Call and order this great supplement today!        


 ! XD is one of the greatest Nutrishop products available. Look at the Nutritional facts below to see what makes 1XD so great. ONLY USE AS DIRECTED BY THE LABEL. Take (5) 1-XD capsules once per day between meals. The longer you use 1-XD, the more pronounced your results will be. A maximum cycle length […]

HGH 191

HGH 191 is designed for the extreme body builder in mind. This product is intended to assist people after arduous workouts.       This product does not contain HGH. It is designed to support healthy, natural production of HGH within the body. Never take HGH-191™ if there is a chance that you will be […]


Arabol is a supplement that is designed to help stimulate your testosterone levels. Arabol is used by many weight lifters who enjoy the products. Be sure to order your supply today by contacting 813-991-9999. Below you can see what makes Arabol a great selling supplement.  

Muscle Optimizer Stack 1

Muscle Optimizer Stack 1 includes:  ARABOL , LTD , 1 XPM                          

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