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Superfoods by Trailhead

Superfoods has now been released by Trailhead. Trailhead, produces products that are organic and natural. Now they present Trailhead Superfoods. Super-foods is a incredible new supplement that delivers absurd amounts of Superfruits to your body through a tasty powder drink. This superfoods product contains 12g of carbohydrates and 8g of lean fiber. Superfoods has a variety of super-fruits that promote a healthier […]


Restart AST has all the ingredients you look for in a weight loss supplement.   See what makes Restart AST so effective.     .     Call Nutrishop Tampa at 813-991-9999 to order your Restart AST today!

Liver Therapeutics

– LIVER THERAPEUTICS™ by Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ is a comprehensive product designed for optimal liver health and function. Katalyst is a company who proudly stands by their products. The liver plays a crucial role in your body’s metabolic functions, Protein synthesis and hormone production. Liver Therapeutics has been designed to help the pro athletes’ liver health. […]

Natures Fuel™

“The Formula You Feel”   NU-TEK’S NATURE’S FUEL™ is a quick-dissolving powder formula provides fast absorption for maximum effectiveness. †    

Natures Fuel Capsules

“The Formula You Feel”   Call Nutrishop today and order your Natures Fuel Capsules at 813-991-9999.    

Nature’s Fruits

Nature’s Fruits is Nutrishop’s solution to getting the missed fruits your body deserves!   Check how much goodness is packed in our Nature’s Fruits. Be sure to call Nutrishop Tampa today at 813-991-9999 to order your products and have them shipped to your house!  

Nature’s Greens

Everyone knows you should eat all of your Greens. Natures Greens is intended to cover what you may have missed in your daily diet. Check out our supplement Facts.   Call Nutrishop Tampa today to get your hands on our Nature’s Greens supplements.  

Natures EFA

Natures EFA by Nu-tek A Sophisticated Blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids, Natures EFA , is a great way to get what you need in two easy to swallow soft-gels. It is available With an Extract of Sesamin! Just one of the awesome products Nu-tek has to offer. There are many to […]

Joint health

Katalyst has designed Joint Therapeutics with your joint health in mind. Check our ingredients! Be sure to contact Nutrishop Tampa today to get your Joint Therapeutics sent to your house! 813-991-9999 mention seeing this online and see if discounts apply.              

Her Essentials

HER Essentials is a exclusive Vitamin supplement that is targeted for the needs of a woman. This formula was designed by KATALYST in order to target the things woman seek in a multivitamin.   See exactly what is in HER ESSENTIALS.

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