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Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Birthday Cake Protein Shake for someone’s birthday!

Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Everyone has a birthday, in fact, we have one once a year. That doesn’t mean you should stop working out hard. We suggest that you actually get extra repetitions on your birthday, extra sets and lift more weight! Don’t Let the birthday blues make you feel like down. We have a healthier way for you to celebrate than eating that disgusting completely sugar loaded cake and ice cream. Nothing says happy birthday like a Birthday Cake Protein Shake! Below we give the instructions to construct your festive shake.


1 Scoop of Forza Pro Vanilla Protein
1 Scoop of Karbolyn X-R3 or Nu-Tek Carb Complex
1 Banana
1 Tbs sugar free vanilla pudding mix
A few drops of almond extract
Handful of ice
A little unsweetened almond milk
And add tons of sprinkles.

This tasty shake will get your blood pumping and fill your body with much needed protein infusion. Need ForzaPro or Karbolyn? Call Nutrishop Tampa today to order your supplies for this fantastic recipe. We are available for phone orders at 813-991-9999.


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