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Explosive reps vs Slow controlled Reps

Explosive reps vs Slow controlled Reps

The age old quest for the best rep has made Explosive reps vs Slow controlled Reps and actual question. This is not really a fair question. A question of the like is the same as which is better Apples or Oranges. What is better for what? Can they be better than each other? Are they used for different purposes? Yes. Explosive repetitions and Controlled Repetitions both have a purpose.

Slow and Controlled reps:

Slow controlled repetitions will allow for a safe way to effectively develop a better physique and give your muscles a thorough workout. The slower the rep the more other parts are used, and the more concentrated the effort will be. So in short, slow repetitions will help with safely building muscle. Probably should be utilized by most lifters looking for adding muscles.

Explosive Reps:

This type of repetition is often used with athletes. The importance of explosive reps cannot be ignored. Are you looking for strength gains with specific muscle groups or movements? If so, explosive reps are up your alley. Although they are effective in building strength and speed, they risk damage to muscles and joints if done incorrectly.


There is no better rep, however there is a difference between the two. You must pick a specific repetition that is  best for your goals and your body type. If you have more questions seek the counsel of a doctor or trainer. Nutrishop team can also help with basic suggestions towards your goals including supplementation advice. Call 813-991-9999 ASAP, what are you waiting on . Questions like: Explosive reps vs Slow controlled Reps can be found in Trainers Corner.

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