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Aminovex is coming to Nutrishop Soon!

Aminovex is the latest concoction to come from Evochem labs. Evochem has built its reputation on producing high quality products that make sense to the aspiring athlete as well as the average joe trying to better themselves physically. So you have been bombarder by the box stores with products that have confusing ingredients, repetitious ingredients, useless ingredients and with no real purpose. Aminovex has arrived to make it simple. Aminovex doesn’t bombard your system with a huge influx of chemicals and odd extracts, Aminovex gives you the essentials.aminovex EVOCHEM

So what is in Aminovex?

  • Aminovex has six grams of free form amino acids
  • A Sprinkle of caffeine for either pre or post workout
  • And a little of this and that, come to the store to sample and learn more.

We don’t divuldge all of our secrets online , however we will give you more information once the product arrives. We want to satisfy all our customers and we will! Call us at 813-991-9999 or visit our store front location at

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