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The consultation with Nutrishop

So I called my buddies at Nutrishop Tampa today to make my phone order ( Yes they ship for free to my house! 813-991-9999 ). I spoke with Vince on the phone and told him about my successful weight gain challenge. During the 30 day bulk cycle I gained more than 20 pounds. Of course a small portion of this weight gain was fat, as customary with bulking cycles. I knew I now needed to trim up while still gaining LEAN Muscle. A hard but not impossible task. I knew if I am to acheive this task, I would need Vince’s expertise yet again. During the conversation, he recommended specific products to help reach my goals.

His suggestion was the Lean Muscle Mass Stack : This stack includes the following supplements:




During Workout

BCAA Sport


Post Workout


Testosterone Booster


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