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30 Day Weight and Fat loss challenge

Anytime you want weight loss or stubborn fat off your body, there a few things you need to do first.

weight loss

1.) Establish weight loss goals that are within reason. In this blog I wish to lose ten pounds of fat ( mostly anyways).

2.) Use products you know will help. Choose products that have anti-catabolic effects ( Most of Nutrishop’s weight loss products contain this agent)

3.) Drink protein to maintain muscle mass. My goals do not include losing muscle mass, just fat!

4.) Place a deadline. I have chosen a 30 day deadline to meet my goals.

5.) Eat Nutritious foods that give you most bang for buck. It is essential to choose high quality, low calorie foods. Do not forget to count liquids and drinks (including coffee and sodas!)

6.) Minimize alcohol consumption or cut out completely – every drink hampers your ability to lose weight.

7.) Drink lots of water, stay hydrated and flush the system.

Here are some basic tenants to my weight loss plan. I will be blogging about the weight loss / Fat loss I am trying to do this because I recently did a Nutrishop Bulking cycle and want to lose whatever fats I have gained from huge calorie intakes over a 22 lb growth in 30 days. I assume that about one third of weight gained was fat gain, and before the bulking cycle I was not necessarily the leanest man alive. This will give me a nice chance to try the Nutrishop products and lose the weight I don’t want on my body. Over the Next 30 days I will achieve my goals by following the basic tenants prescribed to earlier in this post. I will blog every few days to allow you to read about the real struggles of weight loss, and about which products I found to be most helpful in my quest for a leaner meaner me.

The Consultation at Nutrishop Tampa- A post about my nutrition consultation with the owner of Nutrishop.

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