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6 Weight Lifting Myths – Nutrishop

Nutrishop wants to have an educated clientele. This not only reflects well on Nutrishop as a company, its customers, but also assists those utilizing the best products on the market achieve better gains; as well as sound intelligible.  This article is devoted to dismissing Six popular weight lifting myths.

Starting with my least favorite myth:

Fitness girl

1.)  When women weight lift, it makes them Bulky and Masculine. Women that look bulky and masculine typically use Steroids. When Women weight lift they typically look more feminine , trim and confident. This misconception has arisen with women competition lifters found in magazines who use illegal substances. Nutrishop promotes healthy lifting and supplementation for women.

2.) When you weight lift a lot, you lose your Flexibility. Again, another erroneous statement towards lifters. Many lifts and exercises stretch out ligaments and muscles in the body. The inflexibility comes from years of a sedentary lifestyle that exists before the weight lifting.

3.) Muscle will turn into fat when you stop working out. First off, why would you stop looking great? I can not even understand why people would start working out and then worry about when they quit? Working out is a lifestyle change that should last forever. Second, muscle can not mutate into a different substance. Weight gain occurs when people stop working out and continue eating like they did when they worked off more calories.

4.) Lifting will make me a slower person. Incorrect again chief, it is the exact opposite. When you lift your muscles contract harder , faster and drive with more power. From Usain Bolt to Shaq, athletes weight train to increase speed, strength and endurance.

5.) A good indicator of how tough your workout is how sore you are the next day. Puking, feeling sick, and exhaustion the next day does not prove a good workout. A good workout is one that enhances your physique, increases strength, endurance or weight loss. We all have different goals and as such have different physical responses to different workouts. Negative side effects from lifting should never be seen as a goal. Furthermore, throwing up during/ after a workout has Catabolic Effects that actually hurt recovery. To help your recovery process check out Post Workout Products.

6.) It is only safe to lift weights slowly. Not True, as long as the movement is done in a controlled manner, it will be safe to utilize in your workout. In Fact, Explosive reps are a very good way to workout on occasion.


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