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Arachidonic acid as found in ARABOL is discussed at length

Nutrishop Tampa discusses the basics of Arachidonic Acid-

Nerd talk- Arachidonic Acid is: a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid 20:4(ω-6) (Whatever that means).

Why do I care about this chemical compound and How can I benefit from the scientists who utilize this for Bodybuilding supplements like Arabol?

Now we’re talking. Basically a study done by Baylor ( you know them for their Basketball and Football teams) Mike Roberts MS., discovered this compound is essential to support the anabolic processes in your body. It was found that this chemical helps to enhance muscle size and strength. The  AA is the body’s building block for production of prostaglandis, which plays a role in inflammation, the inflamation response in turn has the ability to stimulate muscle growth. This means that the AA is one of the regulators for controlling the intensity of  anabolic and tissure rebuilding responses in weight training.

Other Benefits-  Activates syntaxin 3 – a protein involved in repair and growth of neurons in brain- Its brain juice.

Studies have shown that it enhances anaerobic capacity and can also enhance stamina during a workout. Read the study here.

Combine Arabol with other Testboosting agents to get a multiplier effect on your workouts.

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