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Water and weight loss pills work well together.

Water weight loss

Drink water

So we know now that Nutrishop has a great selection of weight loss pills / Fat Burners. We know that a reasonable diet, and healthy exercise are great with these diet stacks. We also know that a good night’s sleep is important but you probably didn’t think about water.

How does water help? You may ask yourself this question… We will anwer that in 3…2….1….

Your initial losses in body weight are due to water weight. You need to drink more in order to stay hydrated.

You need water to facilitate the functions that cause adequate weight loss. Your body uses water for its functions throughout the body.

Less water= Less Blood volume which= Less oxygen to your muscles which = makes you tired and less likely to perform well at gym.

More water means less muscle and joint soreness post workout. This will help you to increase workout frequency which allows for more weight loss.

Lastly, drinking lots of water will prevent some snacking and also prevent large meals. You feel more full when you consume proper amounts of water.

You will not gain water bloat from drinking water, however if you do consume a high sodium diet, you might, but don’t worry you need your H2O.  Also, Don’ t forget to drink at least 8-10 oz of water for every 15 minutes at the gym!

So be sure to get some water bottles to go with your Thermovex Stack, or ask your Nutrishop consultant if you need a shaker cup for the gym to stay hydrated.

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