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Foods that may actually help you in weight loss

So we have heard of super foods, foods high in antioxidants and plenty more; we will be discussing foods that may actually assist in your mission to lose weight and make a more healthier you (No hip or fancy name)

Nutri-thin foods

Nutri-Thin Foods


Steak– when we think of Steak we picture a 6 lb steak in a Texas Steak House. But, when consumed in a reasonable portion 4-6 oz, it can satiate appetite. In addition, it is high in protein which will also help with your food cravings. When you have a high protein diet you will find yourself less hungry throughout the day.

Eggs– at a whopping 70 calories a day this food is high in protein, low in calories and delicious. 2-3 eggs as a meal in scrambled or omelette versions is great for you. Do not forget to add your favorite vegetables and don’t add cheese or toast.

Greek yogurt- A healthy snack high in protein not bad on calories. Want a low calorie lunch? Add rolled oats, and chia seeds to your favorite Greek yogurt flavor. Delicious , healthy and satiating.

Goji Berries- High in protein, tasty , great snack to go. Added bonus- its high in Vitamin A and antioxidants.

Quinoa- Many people eat too many carbs. Toast in morning, Sandwich for lunch and rice, potatoes or pasta for dinner. Quinoa is a great substitute for carbohydrate heavy sides. Did you know a quarter cup of cooked rice has about 3 times the carbs as cooked quinoa, and bread has double that of quinoa!

Olive oil- a healthy cooking oil that has omega acids and can help lower bad chloesterol, also try Flax Seed oil when cooking.

Fat Free Milk- You need the calcium, high in protein and tastes great. But, you already knew that didn’t you.


Try incorporating these foods in your diet plans, also check out a high quality protein for her and him. Protein shakes are excellent meal substitutions.


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