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The ultimate debate Machine weights, worth the time?

Everyone has heard the same dribble about free weights vs machines. The same garbage with pretty much the same answer. Free weights are better, yet the variety can be good on occasion for the muscles. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Lets kick this debate into gear. Are machines even worth the time and effort or should you just abandon these expensive monstrosities.

Okay so we all know we do not work stabilizers as well, we tend not to lift the full range of motion and there is an assistance with machine lifting. So what if we thought outside of the box, how can we make it so that these machines can actually benefit us? Perhaps I should have thought this through before starting this piece.  Okay lets examine this carefully….

What machines to exclude completely from this article:

Leg curl, machine curls, leg extensions, anything Smith Machine related, Machine Bench Press and shoulder presses.

What should we include?

Seated Tricep extensions- these give your muscles a different feel and burn, do keep using the free weights for the rest of your tricep exercises.

Pulleys – For arms and lateral raises. Pulleys are one of the most under-rated machines in the gym. They can really provide a nice change to the classic free weight arm routine. Plus its not a joke of a workout. Pulley lateral and forward raises I find to be more intense.

Seated Calf Raises- These can be great for stronger calf muscles, nice slow reps and fairly high weights.

Ab Crunch Machines- You can easily load weight and concentrate on tight and full reps.

In my opinion, the rest are not worth the time, these are acceptable but still not preferred!

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