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Karbolyn X-R3

FO_Karbolyn_FruitPunchKarbolyn X-R3 is a great new product being released by Forzaone. Forzaone the company who brought you 1XD, 1XPM, BCAA-Sport, ANX p3, Forza PRO comes Karbolyn x-R3 a new formula that can be used before, during or after a workout to help increase your energy and prevent a glucose surge and drop. This patented formula of Karbolyn is a carbohydrate formula that when coupled with a special creatine and amino-acid mixture hopes to relieve the burnout feeling after the gym.  By combining these elements in to one awesome drink, Forzaone gives you the ability to hyper load your muscle fibers to ensure the ultimate growth possible when you workout.


Main Ingredients breakdown-

Karbolyn– A gluten free , sugar free, complex carbohydrate that is specifically designed to be  quicker absorbing then a simple sugar. This product looks t0 help you maintain your energy through the most brutal of workouts



Karbolyn X-R3 Nutritional Facts


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