XP-2 Metabolic Spike



XP-2 has come out with the product nutritionists have been waiting for. Metabolic Spike delivers the fat burning capabilities you expect from Nutrishop but without the unnecessary caveat of caffeine induced side effects. Side effects typical of weight loss drinks (that contain caffeine) include but are not limited to : headaches, dizziness, jitters, and confusion. Metabolic Spike looks to take your weight loss to a higher level without the need for such adverse side effects.





Metabolic Spike is a revolutionary product that delivers the following promises to consumers.
- weight loss
- more energy
- caffeine free
- mixable with other workout drinks



So what makes Metabolic Spike work so well without caffeine?

Well, like many other Nutrishop products, Metabolic Spike is specifically designed to be taken with other products, this allows for a holistic approach to your dietary and supplementation needs. Metabolic Spike can be taken with your favorite pre workout drink, favorite glutamine, or favorite protein powder or post workout beverage. Metabolic Spike has a fantastic combination of energy enhancing and weight loss products. Below we will describe some of these great ingredients in greater detail.

L-Carnintine - is synthesized in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine. This helps to increase fat loss, increase muscle mass and increases cardiovascularity. L- Carnintine is an amino acid that your body needs when on a strict workout regimen.*

Niacin- AKA B3 vitamin, is used in order to help regulate the body’s metabolism. Niacin is involved in over 60 metabolic functions in your body and is also needed to produce hormones like steroids in your adrenal gland. This is a must have for anyone working out and or dieting.

Vitamin B6- Helps turn food you consume into energy. B vitamins are crucial to anyone dieting. B6 and other B vitamins help give you the energy you need from the foods you are consuming while dieting.*

Artichoke Leaf Extract- Has been shown to lower cholesterol and also protect the liver. *

Razberi-K -Decreases Fat Absorption

• Researchers were able to demonstrate that raspberry ketone was capable of inhibiting alpha amylase activity, a dietary enzyme involved in starch breakdown and sugar absorption, helping reduce fat.*

Helps Burn Fat

• Raspberry ketone stimulates an increase in thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue.*

• Raspberry ketone significantly increases cellular and secretory concentrations of adiponectin, a protein that increases skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and also markedly reduces the amount of lipid accumulation in fat cells. It also increases beta-oxidation of fatty acids by 115%.*

*statements have not been approved by FDA

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